Genia Gallagher



Genia was born in Baton Rouge and moved to Dallas at 18 months of age. When she was 14, her family moved to Calgary, Canada, where they lived for a year then moved to Southern California for a year and a half. Next, they moved to Connecticut for her senior year in high school. Yes, she went to a different high school each year.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a double major in psychology and sociology and a minor in special education, Genia became a commercial bank lending officer at CitiGroup. Subsequently, she managed the commercial bank training program at both American Express International Bank and Bankers Trust.

After 10 years of marriage, their daughter was born. A son came two years later. When the family started, Genia became the consummate volunteer where she was treasurer of several organizations and chairman of a not-for-profit that established a group home for eight independent elderly individuals. This was long before independent/assisted living facilities were prevalent.

When her husband retired at the age of 49 they moved to Colorado with their middle-school-aged children. At that point, Genia asked herself “what she wanted to be when she grew up”. She obtained her teaching certificate and taught AP U.S. History, AP Government & Economics.

After the kids were off to college, Gary and Genia moved to the mountains where they lived for 17 years. While there, she got her Masters in History from Regis University, wrote a book on the history of water in the West and its future, and became involved with Domus Pacis Family Respite. Scheduling visits and greeting families provided a constant sense of giving back. How much Domus Pacis accomplished and the impact this organization provided, resonated even more for her when she went through her own battle with cancer.

Aside from family, Genia cherishes that she can play the piano, pickleball, bridge, and learn Mah Jongg. She is also an avid reader. Volunteering at Children’s Hospital provides her some “feel good” moments as we deal with COVID.