How we help.


How we help.


What We Are Doing


Ongoing research into best practices for organizing and delivering respite, in various forms, to chronically ill patients, families and caregivers. This activity furthers Peace Alights Initiatives’ goal to seed new respite organizations with the most current techniques and approaches.


Developing processes, systems, and metrics by which newly formed respite organizations can operate. By sharing these processes, systems, and metrics, Peace Alights Initiatives will significantly fast-track, reducing startup costs for newly formed organizations; helping them stay in compliance with a myriad of regulations in the field. This will also improve long term viability for new and existing organizations by providing systems to measure success throughout each organization’s life cycle.

Community Resource Development

Engage in outreach and relationship building with local, regional, and national medical providers and funding sources. Continually form and strengthen relationships with community-based resources and organizations will aid Peace Alights Initiatives in sharing current resources to new respite organizations.


How We Assist Individuals and Nonprofit Organizations

Peace Alights Initiatives will work with each individual/community as they design large or small opportunities to provide respite. These opportunities may be provided directly or indirectly to an identified individual and their family members.

Alongside supporting the development of new respite organizations, Peace Alights Initiatives will also be available to provide direction and resources to individuals. This individual-based support will focus on how to sensitively address the needs of others within their community. This website will be a dynamic resource providing ideas on opportunities for outreach and support such as:

  • Creation of Casserole Caravans and management of Household Assistance (cleaning, lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc.)
  • Ways to make Faithful Connections via text, phone, cards, etc.
  • Guidance on what to say/not say – what is the most helpful and not helpful.
  • Links to critical resources

Finally, Peace Alights Initiatives will be sharing our institutional knowledge ranging from consulting with the IRS-designated nonprofit organizations to inviting existing affinity nonprofit organizations to an Annual Summit with a focus on sharing learnings and addressing professional development needs.

How you
can help.


Learn More. Get Involved. Donate.

Learn More

We can help you to find existing respite offerings, establish a new respite program in your community, as well as assisting in identifying a variety of resources available for individuals and families.

Get Involved

We encourage you to become involved with Peace Alights Initiatives. If you would like to learn more, please complete the information form.


Peace Alights Initiatives is currently staffed entirely by volunteers; however, the organization has incurred the typical startup costs and will require funding for operational expenses. In addition to these expenses, a yearly Peace Alights Initiatives Summit, bringing together representatives from numerous respite-providing nonprofits, is one of the primary goals of the Peace Alights Initiatives board. A Peace Alights Initiatives Summit is in planning for the summer of 2024, based on sponsorship availability.

Any contributions received will go towards supporting everyday operations, as well as ensuring that the vision of a yearly Peace Alights Initiatives Summit becomes a reality. We greatly appreciate your monetary support!

Donate online through one of the following three methods, or send your tax-deductible gift to:

Peace Alights Initiatives, Inc.
P.O. Box 3366
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424-3366